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A specialist healthcare & life sciences team that combines all the principles, skills, network and talent of ne:on….



Revealing fresh insight others can't see. 

Imaginatively curating a mix of the latest research techniques to surface hidden and meaningful human truths.

Beneath the surface


Beyond the obvious 


Turning insight into disruptive brand strategy.


Creatively transforming insight into crystal clear, actionable strategies and predictable, repeatable success.

A new brand code
A new model for today’s brands based on Attention, Authority & Attraction.

Disruptive solutions
Winning strategies across the life-cycle of your brand.

Learn differently. Think Differently

With their experience of the unique needs of the category to deliver global solutions in...

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Strategy & Positioning

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Behaviour Change

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Putting patients at the heart of your decision making

Standing out in the world of healthcare  is tough. Translating complex data and information in to compelling and impactful  strategy requires deep, creative industry expertise.

At ne-on:health, our experts work with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare  companies to  help them create inspiring human stories that can light up your brand and drive real brand growth


Working across the product lifecycle to create patient inspired brand and communication strategies

Our Insight team bring technical expertise and emotional intelligence to  every project, using leading edge methodologies that allow us to work creatively and flexibly in a highly sensitive and regulated environment. In a nutshell, we know what we can ask and how we should ask it to get to the deeper more useful human insights.

Our Strategy team has years of experience working on marketing strategy, market access, patient and HCP engagement and bring in depth, incisive thinking that translate patient inspired insights into compelling strategy that can light up your brand.

Some ‘proof-stories’ that explain how and why it works…

We respect the confidentiality of client’s projects and do not share specific company and brand names.


We work with some of the biggest brands in the world. For references please ask.

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