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Re-designing ostomy bags to meet customer needs

The issue

Our client was a leading player in medical devices, particularly ostomy bags. In the face of increase in competition activity, they were looking for opportunities to defend their market share.

We were asked to help better understand the ostomy users life in key markets, particularly needs and challenges they faced.

What we did

We began with a series of stakeholder interviews to understand internal challenges and local market considerations.

We then embarked on an extensive on-line ethnography study to understand what life with an ostomy bag was really like, focussing on attitudes, challenges, and needs.

In phase 2 we used the insights generated in the first phase to run a series of product design co-creation sessions with users and HCPs.

The outcome

Our insights significantly impacted on our clients R&D portfolio as well as the overall positioning of the brand, illuminating the key features of the product which allowed for a product re-design based on discretion, sustainability, and customer  convenience.

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