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Illuminating insights on living with breast cancer



The issue

Our client was an international creative agency who had been commissioned to help their client understand opportunities for new breast cancer treatments in various indications.

In a highly competitive market the company had little heritage or experience and was keen to fully understand the patient journey to identify key needs. 

What we did

We began with internal stakeholder interviews to understand internal perspective on opportunities, challenges and needs.

We then ran a month long video ethnography study with varied patient types to understand individual journeys from suspicions and symptoms to treatment.

In the next phase, we asked  HCPS  for their perspectives on the patients' lives, based on insights identified in phase one.  

The outcome

Our insights from this extensive work provided a foundational understanding of the Breast Cancer market, across various disease states. 

We advised on opportunities for new products in each areas, “cost” of entry, patient and physician needs driver and barriers to uptake.

Our Work

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