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Shining light on living with CKD

The issue

Our client wanted to expand products and services in the chronic kidney disease treatment space, but had little understanding of patients and HCPs in this area. 

Our task was to deeply understand the patient and HCP journey, their influences, beliefs and attitudes, then recommend the way forward ffor the brand across communications and product development.

What we did

We carefully recruited a mix of patients at five different stages of the disease, along with general practitioners. nurses, carers, nephrologists and pharmacists.


We developed and ran a unique multi-phase process of learn-develop-test-refine steps with all participants. These processes were all run entirely on-line, with a combination of different tools at different stages of the project and in two different countries simultaneously

The outcome

We helped the client better understand patients lives and the impact food and nutrition has on their quality of life. It further highlighted the disconnects between HCP beliefs and patient needs, creating several meaningful growth opportunities.

Most importantly, this research had broad implications for the company sales and marketing strategy, including creating a business case for developing a differentiated and innovative portfolio in CKD/renal care.

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