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We illuminate hidden human truth to light up winning and differentiated brand strategy.



Revealing fresh insight others can't see. 

Imaginatively curating a mix of the latest research techniques to surface hidden and meaningful human truths.




Turning Insight into Disruptive Brand Strategy

Creatively transforming insight into crystal clear, actionable strategies and predictable, repeatable success.

From the conscious and articulate self to the deeper subconscious and emotional drivers.

Understanding the collective culture that shapes thinking and the relevant context that drives engagement and response.

Multi-view - Beyond The Obvious…

Multi-layer – Beneath The Surface…

Bringing new learning perspectives from:

- Regular people

- Creative people

- Influential people    

- Expert people

A New Brand Code – Our Thinking

Created from years of client and agency side experience - a new model for today’s brands based on Attention, Authority & Attraction. Setting a more rigorous, contemporary benchmark to achieve greater brand success.

Disruptive Solutions – Your Success

Winning strategies across the life-cycle of your brand from positioning, through communication and onto innovation.

Learn differently. Think Differently

Global solutions in

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Human, Category & Cultural Insights

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Strategy & Positioning

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Communication Development 

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Concept Development

Some ‘proof-stories’ that explain how and why it works…

Developing meaningful communication – Global juice brand

Transformative brand positioning – International sun care brand

Improving user experience –
Medical devices

Benchmark-beating concept development – Global deodorant brand

We respect the confidentiality of client’s projects and do not share specific company and brand names.


We work with some of the biggest brands in the world. For references please ask.

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