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We're a global research agency that helps you look at research in a different light – what it’s for, how it’s done and how it’s delivered. 

Through a combination of new ways to learn (tools, methods, people to learn from) and new ways to think (healthcare expertise, with a creative and challenging perspective) we help clients unlock new opportunities by seeing challenges and opportunities in a different light.

Neon Health logo_blue.png

Here at ne on:health, we unlock the power of seeing differently. We are a global healthcare research agency that shines light on differentiating insights, illuminating more distinctive and successful strategies to create new ways to address businesses' critical challenges. 

Our team combines experience in expert marketing, patient and consumer understanding, health trends, and commercial strategy to help create more compelling innovation ideas, more impactful communications and more distinctive strategies

With ne on:health you can discover how to focus on what matters and make a difference in the healthcare industry. Join us to help change the world of healthcare and make an impact on people's lives. #neonhealth #seedifferently

Seeing differently

Are you finding it harder to develop game-changing insights? Maybe it's time to see differently.

 As your market becomes more competitive, there is more pressure to deliver research that generates impactful and differentiating insights. 

But are you finding it more difficult to do that. Like us, you might feel that the research you commission doesn’t  have the same impact as it used to. 

Perhaps it’s time to see differently…

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